Scout Uniform/Badges

Scout Uniform/Badges


The scout uniform consists of a shirt, knecker (scarf), belt and scout pants. A section of second hand items are available in our scout centre.

There are a range of badges and awards available to young people in the Scout Section.

Challenge awards

Gaining a challenge badge involves accomplishing a number of more ambitious tasks within the Troop or community. There are several challenge badges across a number of themes, from the physical and outdoorsy to challenges dealing with the local community or issues connected with the Scouting world.

The Scout Association have recently completely changed the badge/reward system for Scouts to make it more challenging. It has been decided that all our current members are now going to move onto this new system. You will have now been given your updated badges, which are shown on the green picture below. These badges completely replace the original challenge badges we used to have on the front of our uniforms.

Some people have raised concern about them currently having specific badges (eg. fitness) and not receiving the new equivalent. As you can see there is not a new fitness badge. These achievements have been notes and instead will play a major part towards the new requirements. Your work has not been for nothing! If you would like any clarification please ask a leader or follow this link to the scout website.,64,781

The badges do NOT need to be in this specific order, however as you can see they should be in a 4,3,2 formation, with space for the chief scout gold (Our aim!) at the top.

scout badges 2

Below is a guide showing the scout uniform in its entirety.

scout badges

Activity badges

Many of the badges available are activity badges, which allow Scouts to show their progress in existing pursuits, but also to try all kinds of new things and form new interests.

The arm badges/staged activity badges have changed slightly too!  There are some new badges you are more than welcome to complete at home, and some we will be doing in meetings too!,64,779,64,780

Core badges

Membership Award Moving-on Award (Scout Troop to Explorer Scout Unit)Participation Awards

In addition, there are a number of core badges, obtained upon joining or moving on from the Troop, or for time spent in the Scouting movement.

Activity packs

Some activity badges are sponsored by outside companies, and these companies often provide extra exciting resource packs to help Scouts towards gaining their badges.

All the Scouts are kept updated with what they need to do to achieve their Chief Scout Golds. You can see the range of activity badges you can achieve here:,64,172

If you would like any more information, or would like to partake in any of these, please speak to a leader.


If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any of the leaders.

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