Bispham Hall 2014

Friday Night

So we have all arrived safely! Unpacked in our dorms, played some games, and started our pioneering you didn’t think we could fit all that in before 10pm!!! I will upload some pictures as often as I can for you all.

image imageimage image



We had a wide game last night…I think it’s safe to say one patrol, not mentioning any names *ahem* Jacks won just by a little bit…! We built our ‘A frames’ and our Ballisters (freestanding frames that launch things using elastic) and most of them worked well…firing plastic lemons across the hall! Nethertheless we were all very tired by the time we had supper and went to bed. An early start of half past seven for some…but for others who didn’t bring a clock at all with them had an even earlier morning! Deciding to get up at 4am! Definitely go back to bed lads! A fall in, cereal and full English breakfast and an inspection, and then the races of the A frames and the ballisters. Mentioning no names again, some were definitely better than others! But was a close race on the A frames! Today we have two main activities going on, half the troop are out on an incident hike (a basic 3/4 mile hike with bases around the route for the scouts to complete tasks for points-including teamwork)….one team may have already got very very lost! Thank goodness for Neils truck picking them up! The others are building a swinging bridge, learning and perfecting knots to put into action tomorrow! Then we swap over at lunchtime in about half an hour!

image    image image image image

Saturday night at the movies!

We finally all got back! Safe and sound don’t worry! We had a game of non stop kick-it in a very muddy field, then off to tea. This time the leaders cooked the food for us, because there is the biggest kitchen ever in here! So chicken burgers, chips, jelly and ice-cream! Now you know you can’t be hungry when there was some left over of all of that! It got quite late by the time we had tea because of all the activities we were doing, including completing our pioneers badge by learning more knots and how to splice ropes. So we have just put on despicable me 2 on the big projector in the main hall…surround sound…very posh! No doubt many of us will be in bed soon…and that’s just the leaders! So goodnight, and get the washing machines ready for tomorrows return!!

image image imageimage


Nice and early start again today..half past seven! Had to wake most of the Scouts up. Full English and cereal again today, and then all of us are off to put our skills into good practice this morning, each patrol making a bridge over a ditch on the campsite. The Patrol Leaders are in charge of this one, so I Hope they remember the knots they have been taught!

Mrs Rowley, I assure you the Scouts do all the washing up! This next pictures for you!

image image       image image   image

Have a break…have a Kit Kat!!

!image image image


The bridges stood up! Everyone managed to have a go across..David just had a smalll accident at the end (see above!). A big well done to everyone! After taking them down, we had our final meal of camp, tidied up and played some games. Home we go!

A huge thankyou to all the Scouts who came for showing such enthusiasm and working so hard on their pioneers badge this weekend. I’ll be in bed about 7pm I think! Hope you enjoyed it!!!


13 thoughts on “Bispham Hall 2014

  1. It looks like you all had a fun evening last night. The sun is shining here so I hope that it is sunny where you are too. Have a great day.

  2. I hope the leaders aren’t too tired after being woken at 4am. I love the pictures of your activities and look forward to hearing more.

  3. Looks like great fun very quiet at are home , hope you r having a grat time can’t wait to hear all about it

  4. If the leaders cooked, I hope the Scouts did the washing up. I am really looking forward to a Sunday evening of washing muddy kit Yippeeeee!

  5. Never knew you had so much energy Scott and everyone enjoying themselves, your sister and brother are missing you !!!!!!

  6. I would like to say a big thank you to the leaders for making the camp happen, its has been one of the best camps that I have ever been on! Great pictures of the various activities, and I’m gonna miss all of this in trogz, (don’t worry, you will see me often! ;) , So thank you very much!

  7. Gaz woke me up I was shattered and next time we go on camp can you bring the hungry frogs game because I love that game and I want to play it again and when I get it out the frogs are hungry :) I can’t wait to get in my sleeping bag… I mean my bed and I wish a go with Emma car next time and thanks for helping Charlotte Cross :)

  8. A very big thank you to all of the leaders for all of their hard work on this amazing camp. We really enjoyed it all and can’t wait to do it again.
    :) :) :) Jack and Tom :) :) :)

  9. Many thanks to everyone involved in the weekend, it sounds like Charlotte had a great time on her first camp

  10. We enjoyed camp very much and just wanted to say a massive thank u to the leaders for the huge amount of effort u put in. Some great pics Emma. Grandma enjoyed looking through the pictures!!!! Xxx

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