Summer Camp 2014

This year our Summer Camp will be at Stott Park Estate for a week. For those that remember, we stayed here last year, we are just camping on a slightly different campsite! We are meeting at the hut at 7pm on Friday (25th) to pack the van, if you have packed already it would be great for you to bring your kit up then. All scouts have been given a kit list, there are more copies in the hut if they are needed. On Saturday we are meeting at 9am. As per usual, we are having a parents afternoon on the Sunday, all are welcome!


We arrived in good time this morning, a good trip up, and some lovely weather to put up the tents. It took us a while, but we did it properly! We played a few games and started setting things up for tomorrow, including an Aerial runway (Zipwire!!).




Hi all! Sorry for the late update, my fault! Internet up here is very temperamental, so please bare with me! Expect a big post when I do get all sorted though. We all had a fab time at parents afternoon, thanks to everyone who came. It didn’t rain too much, and the BBQ went down a treat. Just got back from a lovely walk Gummers How, and now all the scouts are just playing a few games. I have a hot chocolate and biscuits here waiting for them and then we are heading up to a campfire to end the evening. Hope everyone got home safe and well, and catch up with you (hopefully) tomorrow!! Arron wanted to let you know that he managed it up mum, and we are all very proud! He is over the moon!!



A very busy day today, first with all the activities going! I was with the younger ones all day, we went to grizedale park and did some orienteering, apologies to any mums (including my own!!) we got some very muddy pants from a particularly slippery path! Picnic lunch back near the van and off to do some biking. Both activities did really well, all of them loved it, and very proud of them! The others did some archery, sailing and bivis today, and all are buzzing with excitement! For part of your chief scout gold badge from scouts, you have to build a bivi, and sleep in it before the end of your time in scouts. The bivis we make are using a sheet of tarpaulin and some string, and just using nature, trees and stones etc to make some shelter for the night. Most the scouts are out there now as I write this, hoping that their work is waterproof! We have had a night activity of some more of the above, and then a couple of games, before our first successful campfire (Last nights was rained off!) and bed! We wanted an early night tonight as it all starts again with lots of activities tomorrow! They are loving the comments, which we read out round the campfire, the soppy ones even more so. All are well, having a brilliant time and the leaders are very impressed with their maturity and get up and go positive attitude! Time for a biscuit and bed now I think, I will check in with you tomorrow!


We have some tired campers this morning! But all the bivis held up well. Cereals, Spam, spaghetti hoops and waffles for breakfast, inspection after where kestrel won with 31 points. For those who don’t know we have inspection every morning, this is where all the scouts wash up and sort their areas, their tent, their personal kit, themselves and all their kitchen utensils. The leaders mark them out of ten on each areas, to make sure they are all washing, eating well and looking after their kit. Bit of a manic morning, the older ones of patrol leaders and assistant patrol leaders have all gone to Grizdale forest this morning to do some biking. I have the middle aged ones with on doing some geocaching around site, and the young ones are currently out on the water doing some sailing. It’s only slightly raining here but not too bad at all! It is 10.45, and next I am starting lunch! 25 hungry scouts = a lot of sandwiches!!!!
Mrs Bilsborough, no scones as of yet! We are working on it though! 😉
Arrons mum, I will sort that out no problem!


This was the result of my lunch making skills! Some of us had a picnic, and the rest stayed on site and did some geo-caching with Geoff. The rest of us went orienteering, with the patrol leaders going onto go ape! All of which loved it! Even if we did all get some messy clothes from not landing too elegantly on the zip wires! Jack says ‘Go-ape was great, a first time for everyone and we all really enjoyed it. The zip wires were the best!!’.
Tonight the last lot are doing bivis, some archery and the oldest geo caching. We will have time for a wide game tonight and then a campfire, but we are all very tired! (Connor fell asleep on a bench at tea, he reports it’s not very comfy!!)


Arrons mum this is Arron just for you at about 9pm tonight, proof he doesn’t melt when having his photo taken 😉



Up, packed lunch, off and out the door on a hike! All patrols are out on their own, led by their patrol leader, going off for about a three miles walk around the local area. Geoff has gone off to meet them all at the lunch spot. We are currently waiting for them all to return! I took pictures of them all for you to see them one last time/show to the police when we file missing persons reports!




I think Arron was a little tired from all that walking!!!

Back, and no one got too lost! One patrol went forwards and backwards a few times, but nothing too bad! It was very funny watching the GPS trackers following them. Then we went more or less straight into making tea. We made tea tonight on open fires and on some rocket stoves (stoves powered by wood). The scouts worked hard as patrols to get the fires started with only three matches, and keeping it maintained. We had chicken fajitas, jacket potatoes and chocolate bananas. Best tea so far in my eyes, and it’s been so tasty all week!!



After that we were all a bit mucky, so into the lake we all went, shampoo and a good wash for all and we smell a lot better!! All warmed up now playing a few games, having a campfire an a hot chocolate. They all love your comments, we gather around every night and read them, trying to guess who the comment is for. We are having a competition of who gets the most embarrassing kisses. Charlotte thanks for your message, we miss you lodes! Hope your having a lovely time pomme frite!


Today we had a lie in (til 8am!!) woo!! Sausages, beans, cereals and waffles for breakfast as per usual went down a treat. This morning we had some free time, some of us did some sailing, and others did the aerial runway. Someone (cough Jack) may or may not have broken the rescue boat (depends who asks!). Lunch was a treat of pot noodles, and then competition afternoon started. The scouts had s number of tasks to complete in their patrols, and the better they did it, the more points they got towards the competition day trophy. Then we had three areas with three different challenges; including an slippy slope, where the scouts have to get as much water into a bucket at the top of the hill on a bungee; a cross country cycle challenge; and a elephant egg trail, where scouts have to work as a team whilst blindfolded to negotiate a trail and rescue a valuable ‘elephant egg’ (a water carrier). The evening was topped off with a chippy tea in front of the lake and some after dinner speeches, marked for points by the leaders. We had the final challenges after tea, before hopefully a campfire, if it stops raining!…(-and pouring!!!)




It held off! We had a lovely campfire tonight with lots of singing. One of the Scouts dad had made us two camp candles to burn, which turned out beautiful! Thankyou Mr Shelliker!


Rainrainrainrainrain! But we didn’t let it get us down, today has been lovely. All the scouts have pulled together and despite the awful weather they have been singing and dancing all day long. After putting away some kit this morning, this afternoon we spent in Bowness, having a wander and tea out. Back to site and packing some more into the wagon, before a last swim in the lake and couple of games. Such a good end to the week, I just wish it wasn’t so wet! All your children have done you so proud, thank-you to every one of them for letting us leaders have such a good camp! Make sure your washing machines have an early night, it’s going to be a busy day tomorrow!

My view right now!!

Even tired the leaders out!!



So it didn’t stop raining, in fact it got worse! We have done our best and got some of the kit down ready for tomorrow, we will be back around 11am and then have an hour of putting away. If any strong (and handsome…but that’s just for me!) men are available, we have lots of wet canvas which needs to be hung up in the hut. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

To everyone who turned up to help us sort out the canvas yesterday, many hands really did make light work. The tents are drying out nicely in the stores now.

Below is the video that the Scouts made for the leaders as a thankyou for all their work in the week. It requires a password to view, due to its content. If you would like the password, please email with your name and email address, and I will email it out to you.

2014 Scout Video

ITS FINALLY HERE!! The summer camp video 2014, Enjoy!!!



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  1. Leave your comments for the scouts here!
    You do not need to leave an email address or website as the form suggests, just your name.

  2. Hi,

    Hope you have all set up ok, I’m sure its been a busy afternoon. My sympathies go to those sharing a tent with Tim’s trainers, I will miss Tim but the trainers can make their own way home!!
    Have a fun night.


  3. hi jasmine hope you’re having an amazing time. we really enjoyed it today. love you. from dad mum kira and

  4. Thank you for another fantastic family afternoon at Summer Camp. We are had a wonderful time!!

    Sean – Rebecca is expecting a zip wire being built when you come home, she loved it, take that beanie off occasionally though – you look like a green smurf ;P

    Miss you loads, have an amazing time xx Mum, Dad and Becs xx

  5. We really enjoyed Parents’ Day and Neil’s Silver Acorn presentation – it was great to see you all having so much fun 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Thank you to all the leaders and Scouts for a fantastic day and I hope it didn’t rain too much for your barbecue tea. Remember Scott, that being Patrol Leader doesn’t mean that you can act like a dictator.

  7. Thank you for today we really enjoyed seeing the things you get up to on camp Kenyon really enjoyed herself. It was lovely to see Sinead she looks so happy and enjoying her self. Love you lots Nadie no noo’s. Mummy daddy Kenyon and Star xxxx

  8. Hi all im so happy and proud off Arron for doing that. I have not been doing anything as exciting as that x Hope you all have a great week. Big hugs and buddy sloppy kisses
    Arrons mum xx

  9. hi jasmine, hope you are having a good time. We had a brilliant birthday party.Jacob won the treasure hunt and most of the other games!

    have a good time love Daisy and Kira
    P.S.mum is missing you

  10. Thanks for a brilliant afternoon yesterday. Very impressed with your death-slide and David and Harry will be delighted to know that we have signed Benedict up as a Scout from September.

  11. We had a great day at the camp yesterday. Jacob is missing Connor so he has slept with mum and dad has had to sleep in Connor’s bed. Hope you are all having a great time and congratulations to Neil on the award, well deserved.

  12. Hi All,
    Hope you are enjoying yourselves and making some fab memories. Tim, you missed an exciting day trailing round shops after the two girls (not!!!!) Can’t wait to hear what you’ve all been up to.

    Bye for now,

    Crombleholmes 🙂

  13. We had a great afternoon yesterday, enjoyed sailing with Arron – well done Arron for giving it a go. Well done for walking up Gummers How! Rachel says thanks to Geoff for the sailing lesson too!
    Have fun and see you soon.
    Arrons dad and Rachel xxxxx

  14. Love the pictures, Scott is actually smiling, I knew he could do it.
    We are all missing Scott, especially his twin sister as she hasn’t seen him for weeks and it is so quiet. Enjoy sleeping in the bivis, hopefully it won’t rain too much.

  15. Arron Wilkinson stop hiding on photos,its like looking for where’s wally !!
    Love u mum, budz and fetch xx

  16. Hi Scott, All the family are missing you but really pleased that you are enjoying your summer camp !! just a bit of warning I believe that your bedroom has been has been cleared & cleaned up and you maybe shocked to know that your Mum is having a car boot sale on Saturday morning.
    Have a great time.
    Grandad Bill

  17. I had a safe journey home and got fish and chips for tea.
    Thank you for a brilliant four days on camp.
    I would like to thank all the leaders for help they gave me with all the activities.
    Already looking forward to next year.
    Charlotte x

  18. Hi Sean, Just to let you know Nana & Tony got home from Tenerife in one piece for a change and Nana had a great birthday and sends her love. Grandad is still recovering really well and missing his helper at the allotment. Your budgies are driving us mad at 5:30am though. Carry on having a wonderful adventure on camp and enjoy the rest of the week.

    Love you loads – Mum, Dad and Rebecca xx

  19. Hi all, the photos are fab, you all look so happy and full of fun. It sounds very exciting and tiring! enjoy yourselves. And a big thank you to all the leaders for making it all so good. Have fun , see you soon jasmine.
    Love from Mum, Dad, kira and Daisy xx

  20. Bivis a great idea. How about we just bivvy in Germany Parker Patrol ? Keep at it. Dynamo1, 2&5.

  21. Looks like you are all having a fab time. Kenyon and I have blitzed your room Sinead. The box of celebrations we found in your wardrobe were very tasty 🙂
    Love you lots like jelly tots to the moon and back more than yesterday from all of us at home xxxx

  22. Wow a photo !!! Thanks alot.
    Looking good there Arron looks like u r having a great time.
    Thanx to u all for taking the time to arrange what looks and sounds like a great camp.
    Arrons mum xxx

  23. Hi jasmine

    been to primark today and I got these really cute shorts and an adorable dress.
    It was the best shop ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After primak we went to the preston museum.
    They have a new display on a Viking hoard they found in silverdale. Hope you’re having lots and lots and lots of fun!!!

    Love kira

  24. Hi Jasmine
    hope you are having a good time!
    Hope you enjoy everything you do!
    Make sure you get some sleep because other wise you will be a sleepy head!

    Love From Daisy

  25. Sounds like another busy day, I am amazed at how much you manage to pack into a day. I wish I could have joined you all around the campfire with a hot chocolate, that’s my kind of evening. Enjoy the rest of the week and we will see you soon.

  26. Hello All, I need David here to put contacts photos into my phone and Harry to play Lego Star wars with Benedict – he was reduced to playing with me. You both missed Lowther Gardens theatre today; I know how much you’d have enjoyed actors dressed as singing fluffy dragons.

    Love part of Famille Parker

  27. Is it nearly a week already? Washing machine is ready and de-contamination zone activated. Bought some massive ‘American’ marshmallows today so our two scouts can recreate the campfire experience at home. That’s if Dad doesn’t eat them before you get home… Don’t worry, I’ll hide them away. Have some smiley faces from us: 🙂 🙂 🙂

  28. Loving the photos can’t believe a week has nearly gone. Kenyon and I are off shopping tomorrow with grandma for holiday clothes only 78 days to go now Sinead. Missing you lots can’t wait for a cuddle on Saturday.
    Mummy ,daddy and Kenyon xxxxx 🙂 <3

  29. Hi Sean,
    Looks like you have had a wonderful time, tomorrow I am going to spend my day off blitzing your bedroom – gas mask and bin bags at the ready ;P seriously missing you and can’t wait till your home to hear all about camp. Dad’d had his tent pinched in the garden ready for coming up Friday and spending the night. You’ve all got my permission to put him in the Lake xxx

  30. Hi,

    Glad to hear you are all clean tonight, hope the local wildlife didnt mind sharing their bath with you lot! Sounds like you are having a brilliant time, enjoy your last couple of days, hope the sun stays out.

    Tracey xx

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